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Hello. We are Ottico Studio.

We're a Digital Studio focused on immersive 3D Experiences, 360 Virtual Tours, Web Design and Architectural & Engineering Visualizations.

Our mission is to help you bring your Digital Ideas to life and facilitate the transition between your Physical and Digital Presence today. From Standard 3D Renderings to Photorealistic Shots of any environment to fully-embedded Web Experiences & 360 Virtual Tours. Ottico delivers content on a wide range of devices such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux PCs, mobile devices, and different consoles like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

More About Us.

On 2020 during the pandemic we decided to enter the world of real-time 3D experiences by learning Unity and then Unreal Engine. During this journey we studied a lot more than we ever thought we would in the process. We developed 3D Modeling & Renderings skills, and started coding in C# for Unity and C++ for Unreal.


Once we got those skills down we got into Web Development by diving into HTML/CSS and Php/MySQL. Two years down the road and here we are, ready to help your business grow by building Open Worlds and Metaverses in which you can create, buy and sell your own digital goods.

What we do.

We offer Digital Services through a wide variety of internet technologies for different purposes and fields. From modern websites to photorealistic renderings, lidar scanning and real-time immersive experiences.

Real-Time 3D Experiences

Our team uses Game Engines such as Unreal and Unity which provide extensive capabilites making it possible to create cutting-edge immersive virtual experiences, photorealistic renderings, high-quality games, architectural visualizations, and much more.

3D Modeling & Rendering

We use 3D modeling software tools such as Solidworks & Blender in order to build, texture, animate and render 3D assets and environments. We also have Lidar Scanners ready to scan your real-life products and turn them into Digital Assets.

Web Development

We help businesses like yours establish their digital presence by creating modern & memorable websites. Our team of Full-Stack Developers provide the knowledge and experience to build and/or re-design your Website, Online Platform, or E-Commerce Store.

AR & VR Development

The world has changed due to COVID-19 and so has the Internet, by shifting from static environments where we were only observers, to immersive and interactive Metaverses where we can become creators only limited by our imagination.

Get In Touch With Us.

Please do not hesitate to shoot us an email and we'll contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to chatting with you.

Where to Find Us

Philadelphia, PA, US.
Bogota, Colombia.